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Welcome to OU Norman Campus Orientation

Welcome to your campus’ New Employee Orientation website. This orientation will be completed in conjunction with your departmental orientation. However, your New Employee Orientation shoud be completed within your first 90 days of employment. Confirm the deadline for your departmental orientation with your supervisor. If you are a new faculty member, please contact your department chair regarding your orientation process.

To get started, download the checklist by selecting the button below and begin to view the videos in the order they are presented. Once you have completed these videos, and the next steps for each video, you will move on to Step Three (3): Required Training.

OU Norman Campus Orientation Videos

The videos below have been purposefully designed to help you acclimate to your new role at the Norman Campus. Review these videos in the order they are presented and complete the related tasks listed in the Next Steps section.

Each video will have related resources and next steps listed below them. Complete each of the tasks in the Next Steps section for each video, before continuing to the next video.

Finished viewing the videos and related tasks?

If you have completed viewing the videos above and the tasks listed in the Next Steps section, please select the button below to continue to your Required Training portion.

This will take you back to the New Employee website, please continue to Step 3: Required Training.