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Welcome to Onboarding for Team Members Paid by the Norman Campus

Onboarding is the first step to getting your career started at the University of Oklahoma. Below are videos that will walk you through the Onboarding process intended for all employees that are paid by the OU Norman campus. If you are unsure of how you are paid, reach out to your supervisor, Payroll Coordinator, or designated team member for assistance. If you are a new faculty member, please contact your department chair regarding your onboarding process.

If you are certain you are paid by the Norman Campus, download the Onboarding Checklist to ensure you have completed all related onboarding tasks. Each video will have related resources and next steps listed below them. Complete each of the tasks in the Next Steps section for each video, before continuing to the next video. Once you have submitted your paperwork to your Payroll Coordinator and completed the next steps for these videos, continue to Step Two (2) to begin your New Employee Orientation.

Norman Campus Onboarding Videos

Onboarding Resources


(405) 325-1826

Human Resources

905 Asp Ave. 

Norman, OK 73019



Onboarding Next Steps

  • Review the Staff Handbook, link available on the Guides tab on this page.
  • Review I-9 document.
  • Complete your new employee form packet and submit it to the Human Resources Records team.
  • Prepare for your onboarding meeting with the Human Resources Records team.
  • Bring your approved I-9 documents to this meeting.

Finished Viewing the Videos & Related Tasks?

If you have completed watching the above videos and the tasks? Please click on the button below to continue to your orientation program. 

This button will take you back to the home page. Once there, click on the appropriate Step 2 button for your campus' orientation.