Your New Employee Orientation Experience Begins Now.

1. Complete the onboarding process.

Select the campus where your position is paid to begin your onboarding process. This may be different from where your office is located. If you are unsure, confirm this with your Payroll Coordinator, supervisor, or designated team member before continuing. If you are a new faculty member, please contact your department chair regarding your onboarding process.


2. Select Your Campus' Orientation.

To begin your orientation process, select your main campus, download the New Employee Orientation checklist, and view all associated videos and resources. Next, return to review the Orientation videos of the subsequent campuses where you will work, visit often, or simply want to learn. You only need to complete the New Employee Orientation checklist for your main campus. If you are a new faculty member, please contact your department chair regarding your orientation process.

3. Log into OnPoint and Complete Required Training.  

You may begin the required training and orientation classes as soon as you receive your Network ID/ Username/ OU Net ID and password. These specific courses are listed on your New Employee Orientation checklist. You can also view the required training courses online by selecting Required Training at the top of this page. 

Lastly, ask your supervisor what other additional training is required for your position in order to complete orientation. Then, make a plan with your supervisor to ensure a timely completion of those courses. 

Program questions and requests for assistance should be sent to the Learning and Organizational Development department at or (405) 271-2190 or, on the HSC campus, extension 44735.

OnPoint system access and required training questions should be sent via email to